Friday, January 25, 2008

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

Stardate 01-25-2008

I believe in Bigfoot. In fact, I know he exists. How do I know? Well, in truth, I've never seen him, spotted his tracks, heard him howl, stepped in his feces or spoken with anyone whose had a Bigfoot encounter. So, how do I know? My belief in Bigfoot comes from what can most easily be described as my "Spider Sense." A tingling or bubbling in my Native American blood tells me he is out there. Up until today, this has been enough to quench my thirst of having a Bigfoot encounter. It is no longer enough. Today marks the day that I start my quest to discover Bigfoot.

Today, I begin my research with The Bigfoot Field Researches Organization. This is an amazing website which documents everything Bigfoot. Here you will find scientific research, pictures, recorded Bigfoot sounds (which are haunting), and discussion boards. One of my favorite features is the Sightings Database. This a vast and detailed database of Bigfoot sightings. Where is the best place to go and track a Bigfoot you may ask? Thanks to the database, I know that I would be wasting my time if I started right here in St. George, UT. There has never been a sighting in Washington County. In fact, there have only been 43 documented Bigfoot sightings in Utah. I would be better off starting in Weber County, which has had nine sightings.

The very best thing about the BFRO is that they invite Bigfoot enthusiasts from all over the world to join them in there Bigfoot expeditions. The BFRO has identified many potential habitat zones after collecting thousands of sighting reports for more than 10 years. The expeditions target these habitat zones. Of the 700 people who have attended these expeditions, more than half of them consider themselves class B witnesses and 35 have had a class A sighting.

Class B sightings are those that happen in poor lighting conditions, at a distance or are very brief. Class B sightings are usually auditory.

A class A sighting is a clear sighting which happens in daylight, with artificial illumination, bright moonlight or with night vision goggles. It must be clear enough and close enough to be unmistakable.

Unfortunately there are no expeditions in Utah, but luckily there are some in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming and California. For a mere $300, one can go along on one of these 3 day expeditions. Here are some things that you may see along the way:

Bigfoot Hair

Bigfoot Feces. No one drops a deuce like Antrhopithicus.

A Female Bigfoot. I wouldn't mind getting a Class A look at her.

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Are you brave enough to join me on a Bigfoot expedition. I'm not joking when I say that I really want to go on one. Does anyone have any Bigfoot experiences that they would like to share with me and my readership?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Here Be Monsters

Stardate 01-16-2008

I just finished a great and extremely nerdy fantasy novel. It was the first book in the Fantasy Series, The Age of Discovery. The first book is called, A Secret Atlas and it takes place in a time that would be very similar to our the 15th and 16th century--except for that magic exists and is a very important element of society. It is a time of exploration when the most important key to success is the accuracy of the explorer's maps. The story centers around a family of Royal Cartographers. The grandfather of this family is the foremost map maker in the known world and his two grandsons are his apprentice map makers. The main characters in the story are these two grandsons and we follow them as each sets out on a new quest to explore and create new maps for the region. One goes out by boat and the other is to explore a far off land.
As the book progresses we learn more and more about the history of this land. The land is basically one huge continent that used to ruled by two peoples; humans and viruk. The humans were ruled by a queen. Many years ago, this queen gathered her most powerful magicians and warriors and set out on a quest to destroy the viruk. This viruk are basically a group of magical 10-12' giants. The two groups did battle in the North. Their battles were so great and their use of magic became so out of control that there was a great magical cataclysm which changed the face of the land and killed just about everyone who was involved in the battle. The result is that there is wild and uncontrolled magic that has infested the land. It continuously creates magical storms that are deadly to those around it and the face of the land constantly changes, which makes it almost impossible to chart routes through the land. One of the brothers is sent to try and map out this region of the land.

The use of magic is very cool in this book. Swordsman, map makers, archers, even whores who become so good at what they do can reach what is most easily described as a zen state, which allows them to call upon the power of magic. This magic allows them to do great and unbelievable things. Only a select group of people are able to do this and as the novel progresses, we find that people are learning to harness this magical power in different ways. For example, there are a group of grave robbers who are digging up graves of those who died in the great magical war. By just using the weapons of the dead, they are able reach this state of magic for a time. Another thing that ordinary people do who wish to attain this power is grind up the bones of the dead and sniff up the powder like a drug. Again, this allows them to use the magic for short periods of time. The common man figures out many more and interesting ways to use this wild magic to their advantage.

The other brother sets sail with a great armada in an attempt to chart a path around the world. Along the way they discover unknown lands with different races of people. They also discover and are attacked by different kinds of sea monsters. His story line is entertaining, but its more of a set up for great things to come in the next two books.

I would reccomend this book to any of the cousins except for Amber. She would hate it. In fact, if she started to read this review, I'd be really suprised if she even gets this far.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Decision 2008- Obama

Stardate 01-03-2008

Readership, lets examine our second candidate. Today is the big day in Iowa. There is tons of buzz surrounding Hillary, Obama, Mitt, Edwards and Huck. The race is wide open and no one has the balls (bollox, to my English and Australian readership) to make a prediction. Its only proper that we take a close look at one of these front runners. In fact, lets take a look at who I, Darth Spencer, Dark Lord of the Sith, predict will win the Dem Caucus today. Obama.

Obama talks a lot about his past and different events in his life that have shaped who he is as a person and as a politician. After college he took time off from his studies to move to Chicago. It was here that he got involved with a church based organization that worked to improve the living conditions of those who lived in poor neighborhoods with high levels of crime and low levels of employment. Next came law school. After graduating from law school, Obama moved back to Chicago and became a Civil Rights Lawyer. Since then, Obama has been hard at work, never forgetting the common man. No longer will the bourgeoisie elite be able to tread over the proletariat with The Iron Heel. His appeal to the masses of Iowa is one of the reasons that he will win the Caucus.

Another reason that he will win is that Obama appeals to a very select minority. A group that is often looked down upon, laughed at, and mocked for their beliefs, dreams, and culture. No more will we be forgotten. Now you may be asking yourself, "Which minority group is this?" You and I both know the answer...The Science Fiction fan.

I'm proud to say that Obama has not forgotten us. Take a look below at a page from the official Barack Obama web site. Here is the link if you would also like to join.

After years of being spit upon for my belief in Science Fiction by the Bush Administration, I'm excited to look towards the future and what it may be with Obama.

On top of that, check out this smoking hot platter of truth that Obama serves to Big Brother Hillary.

For his plight and effort to reach out to the Nerd Demographic, Obama officially stays on my list of possible Presidents. May he Live Long and Prosper.