Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Stand

Stardate 10-27-2007

I've wanted to read The Stand for years. I remember that they filmed some of the mini series off of Evergreen Ave and then watching some of it on TV. I was amazed. I couldn't wait to read it some day.

Well, I just finished Stephen King's epic post apocalyptic novel, The Stand, and I must say that I was not dissapointed. The Stand is about a military produced super flu virus that gets out into the public and kills 99.5% of the population. Those that survive begin to have mysterious and similar dreams. The dreams for the most part are about a cloaked man who is always chasing those that dream about him. This man's face is indistinguishable except for his bright red weasel like eyes. Other dreams are about a kind old black woman. Both the old woman and the dark man draw people to them; the good to the old woman, the bad to the dark man. Two sides eventually form and the stage is set for an epic battle of good vs. evil.

My favorite part of this book was the story of how the disease got out and spread across the United States. It was very detailed and pretty freaky. I had dreams that I was trying to outrun the super flu every night after I read this book for the first hundred pages or so. The book really is not that action packed but it does somehow keep you very entertained and interested through the whole thing.

King's interpretation of good vs. evil, heaven vs. hell is interesting and thought provoking. One of the coolest things is that the bad guy is Legion, the group of 1000 evil spirits from the Bible that Jesus casts out of a man. Because he is Legion, he is able to enter the bodies of crows, wolves and other wild animals. This is how he spies on people. It also how he is able to transport from place to place with ease.

This book is a nice blend of reality and science fiction. This is mostly because it takes place in the United States. Its a real world, not a fantastical one, with refrences to real places and real things. Some of the major events at the end of the book take place in Southern and Central Utah.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fall TV Shows

Stardate 10-02-2007

I'm so excited about TV. Please share in the excitement with me. Here is a rundown on the new fall line ups. Don't worry, I won't waste your time reviewing the crap shows like CSI or SVU or Law and Order or other crap crime solving crap.

Fox 7:00 MST- Prison Break. How do you make this hot show hotter? I'll tell you. Make Michael Schofield break out of an unairconditioned prison that is in the heart of hot Panama. Caliente! Here is the run down. Michael got thrown into the worst prison in Panama. I knew the company would get him somehow. Now he needs to break out some dude who is also in there so that they don't kill the oh so hot Sara Tancredy and LJ. I'm still going to watch, but they should have ended this after season 2. Where does the show go from here?

NBC 7:00 MST- Chuck . Another lovable loser show. So hot right now. This is the second new show out this season from Jason Schwartz, the creator of the OC. He has again teamed up with McG (the moron who produced/directed Charlie's Angels. Girl Power!!!). Here's the LD on the DL. Chuck is emailed the files from an NSA/CIA supercomputer. The images and their codes are now stored in his brain. Seeing people and hearing sounds will trigger memories and bring these super secrets to the front of his mind. I was able to look past the fact that I hate McG and enjoy the first two episodes of this show. Chuck's character is sort of like Seth Cohen, but not as funny. Chuck's friend, whose supposed to be the comic relief, isn't funny. I'll keep watching to see where it goes.

NBC 8:00 MST- Heroes. I'm so happy that Heroes is back. I'm excited about the outlook of Volume 2. The mind of Darth Spencer was correct last spring when he successfully predicted that the illness suffered by little Molly would become a plague and a future story line. I'm looking forward to understanding how the company was formed and how its brought down to its knees. Lots of mysteries to be solved. Good thing they brought Veronica Mars in to investigate.

NBC 9:00 MST- Journeyman . Don't waste your time on this time travel drama. I had to fight just to get through the Pilot. Here is the deal. Some guy mysteriously travels back in time to help people. Sound familiar? They've totally ripped off Quantum Leap and then butchered the idea. QL was much funnier and much more creative.

ABC 7:00 MST- Cavemen. I'm excited for the premier which is tonight. I love the commercials. I hope that ABC doesn't screw it up.

NBC 7:30 MST- The Biggest Loser. Another season of the Biggest Loser is upon us. I'll admit that I really used to enjoy this show and used to watch it all the time. It really did motivate me to get fit. Now I've become too lazy to even watch it. Sammy from Days is the new host. I hope that Stefano kidnaps her. Lucas would be so pissed. Jillian is back and bad as ever this season. Anyone else think she looks like a man version of Amanda Peet?

NBC 8:00 MST- The Bionic Woman. Bill Haverchuck would be very pleased. His favorite show is back. David Eich is the remake creator and producer. David is also behind the most excellent remake of Battlestar Galactica and will also be behind the Battlestar spin off, Caprica. Starbuck and Cheif Tyroll both showed up in the Pilot. I wonder how long it will take the Bionic Woman to figure out that they are Cylons. Though there were some cheesy one liners, I really enjoyed the show and think that it has some serious staying power. Highly suggested by Darth Spencer.

Spike 8:00 MSt- The Ultimate Fighter. Do you like violence and the martial arts? Then the new season of TUF is for you. This is the realty series behind the UFC. Think of the Contender. Its pretty much the same, but much better.

NBC 7:00 MST- My Name Is Earl. I'm impressed with the writing on this show. The very nature of the story requires that the same thing happens each episode. Earl has to right one of his wrongs in order to please Karma. Not only have the writers been able to do this every episode and keep it interesting, they also been able to weave in a continuing story line which flows along nicely. There are great supporting characters. If you gave it up or never gave it a chance, repent.

NBC 7:30 MST- 30 Rock. I'm still pissed that Ugly Bettie beat out Tina Fey for the Emmy. At least 30 Rock took best comedy (though I do believe that The Office is even funnier). Every character on this show is hilarious. I never thought that I would say that about Alec Baldwin, but he really is so funny on it. If your not watching, then you should start. You will be very pleased.

NBC 8:00 MST- The Office. The best comedy on TV and if anyone dare deny it, I will strike them down like Obi Wan was struck down by Darth Vader.

ABC 8:00 MST- Grey's Anatomy. Way too much drama but it still sucks me in. I tend to skip an episode or two here and there, but I still enjoy the show. I can't figure out why the main character is so unlikable.

Sci Fi Channel 7:00 MST- Flash Gordon I've heard many celebs talk about Flash Gordon and how it was such an influence on them as children. I was really excited for this show but in all honesty its not too great. Its sort of cheesy and I guess its supposed to be like that. Flash is called Flash because he can run fast. He's also charming and intuitive. Those are pretty much all his skills. No wonder he's the protector of the universe.

CW 7:00 MST- Saturday Night Live. Same cast as last year. Though I miss Tina Fey, I really like this cast. The majority of the skits are pretty funny. La Bron James was excellent last week in the High School Musical sketch.

What are your favorite shows for the fall season?

Anything you think I missed?