Sunday, June 07, 2009

"Pop It, Pop It Tommy, POP IT!"

Stardate 07-07-2009

The other night I was blessed to see Best of the Best 2, the follow up to one of my all time favorite martial arts films, Best of the Best. For me, Best of the Best ranks right up there with (if not better than) The Last Dragon. I'm not sure how many of you out there in the blogsphere have seen Best of the Best, but I remember watching it numerous times on HBO with my brother when we were young lads. Here is the basic plot out line for Best of the Best. A rag tag group of martial artists from across the United States are assembled in order to represent the United States in world wide Karate Tournament. There are some fabulous sub plots and as I recall, the movie has an excellent Rocky feel. I was able to find a couple of clips to some of my favorite parts.

In this clip, Alex, played by Eric Roberts, gets his shoulder dislocated. In an excellent, cut me Mick, type moment, Alex calls on Tommy Lee to POP IT!!!

By far the best scene of the movie, and most likely one of the best endings of all time, Tommy Lee faces Dae Han, the man who killed his brother. Watch the first 6 mintues. I dare you to hold back your tears.

As far as Best of the Best 2 goes, it had its moments, but had none of the emotional back bone of the original. Though I must admit it was awesome to see Alex Grady and Tommy Lee back in action once again.

Please note that as Father's Day approaches, that Best of the Best is now on the top of my Amazon Wish List.