Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Embrace the Klingon Empire

Stardate 10-27-2009

Check out this viral propaganda video from the Klingon Empire that portrays the eventual takeover of earth. Is this the first glimpse at a viral marketing campaign for the new Trek movie or is someone just really creative and having fun? Here you go:

The video and additional content can be found here. You can find a letter from a fellow Terran who has already joined the Klingon Empire at the site. Here is a taste of what its says,

"Hello fellow Terrans! My name is Tanas T'var and I'm a warrior in the Klingon Empire, or Tlhingan Wo' in the mother tongue. I'm here to tell you about a wonderful culture I've become a proud member of and and how soon you will be a part of as well. The Klingons are coming. Its time we all got ready."

I love the propaganda theme.


4655 said...

Unless this movie involves Par'machpu, the Klingon love ritual, then I am not interested.

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

Phrases I'm pretty sure my husband was not expecting to ever hear come out of his wife's mouth:

"Wow, I wish I spoke Clingon."

Darth Spencer said...

Sabrena, I'm sure that was a very proud day for Danny.