Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Blog for Darth Spencer

Stardate 11-26-2009

I've started a new blog.  Don't freak out.  Though I know I've been quite the slacker lately, the SciFiNerdBlog isn't going anywhere.  I've created a new blog for the Ronin Jiu-Jitsu Center, the school where I have been training in Jiu-Jitsu for over the last year or so.  Jump over and check it out.  Here is the LINK

We are trying to get our name out there and also trying to get more people to come and sign up.  So make sure to add a link to the blog from your blog or web page.

And if you want, come and try out some classes for free.  There is info on the blog about where we train and when.  There is also a link to our actual web page.  Simply put, its one of the funnest things you'll ever do.  Its great exercise (I've lost  a bunch of weight), excellent stress relief, you learn new stuff every week which keeps your mind and body sharp and quick, our teacher is extremely talented and there really is a great group of guys who are already going. 

I was pretty hesitant to sign up because I was worried that I would be training with a bunch of meatheads who would try to hurt me.  I found that I was completely wrong.  Everyone tries to create a safe environment where everyone can learn and progress. 

You can become a fan of Ronin Jiu-Jitsu Center on Facebook HERE
Or, follow us on Twitter, HERE

Here are some pictures to prove that I really do Jiu-Jitsu

This is me and Jake after Jake advanced me to my blue belt.  I of course elected to do a prom picture.  I felt it was appropriate.

Students are given the ceremonial uki goshi (floating hip throw) upon awarding of a new belt.  Here I am being thrown by Jared


Allison said...

I am not sure how I feel about this post. First of all you are showing everyone how darling and athletic you are. Second you are telling them where they can come pick you up every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday , and Saturday evening. I mean I am pretty secure in our relationship, but the prom picture is taking it a bit far!

Camille Kemp said...

4 nights a week?! Allison I think it is already too late. I smell a second apartment with some girl that works checkout at Harmons.

4655 said...

Today hereby marks the saddest day of my life.

I knew something was up when the blogosphere never received its annual TV Fall Season Preview.

Unless your new blog incorporates Sci-fi Jew Jitsew I will not be adding it as my friend.

tjcool18 said...

So I am confused. Are you giving up all science fiction blog posting for Karate? Mr. Miyagi would want you to balance your life, not have martial arts take it over. It sounds more like Kobra Kai if you ask me.

Allison said...

amen tj, amen