Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fall TV Show Reviews

Stardate 12-03-2009
My literally thousands of readers have been screaming for months now, desperately wanting to know what I think about the 2009 TV Fall Line up.  After some reflection I realized that I have been quite neglectful and cruel to my literally thousands of readers.  I know how badly you all want me to tell you what you should be watching. To be honest, I've been a little disappointed with 2009's Fall TV Schedule.  There seems to be a serious lack of scifi shows out there right now.  I've even resorted to watching some non-sci fi shows.  Its been a bit of a sacrifice, but necessary in order to keep a strong relationship with TV.

What happened to Mondays?  They used to be such an amazing night for sci fi TV.  Now it just blows.

The show started out amazing.  It continued to amaze me until the Season 1 Season Finale, which blew.  I suffered through 2.5 more seasons before I quit watching it.  Though my by T-Bag from Prison Break is getting rave reviews this season, I still haven't bothered and either should you.  Drop it if you already haven't.

OK, so I am a little embarrassed to admit that I watch this show.  The only reason I watch it is that Captain Malcolm Reynolds, aka, Nathan Fillion is the lead.  My hopes are that this show is a hit, Fillion becomes a commercial success, and returns to making awesome sci fi TV shows and movies.

Sons of Anarchy:
This spot on portrayal of life within a Motorcycle Club makes me wonder what I'm doing sitting behind a desk.  I should be out on the road, running guns on my Harley, avoiding the ATF, conspiring with the IRA, and beating the piss out of anyone who deals drugs in my town--especially the White Supremacists.  The Season 2 Finale was amazing.  They set up so many great and twisted story lines for next year.  Go and rent or buy season one and watch it with your kids.  Your family will love it.

So You Think You Can Dance:
This is the reality dance show that people under 50 watch, which makes it very cool.  Though it can't boast of Donny, this show has some pretty amazing dancers.  Don't believe me?  Check out Ryan rip this solo to some very appropriate music.  I'm sure the Scorpions couldn't be prouder.

My female and I barely made it through the first season.  We couldn't believe how bad it was.  They made some serious changes both behind and on the screen for season 2 and I couldn't be more pleased.  If you loved the original, Dawson's Creek, or The OC, then you need to start watching this show. 

Flash Forward:
I'm still up in the air about Flash Forward.  In fact, I'm a few episodes behind on my DVR which means that its definitely a tier 2 show for me.  Good news is that ABC has dropped showrunner Marc Guggenheim (one of the producers for ABC's "Brothers & Sisters") and is giving full reins to David Goyer.  Basically, what everyone is hoping is that the light and fluffy Guggenheim is gone, Goyer will have free rein on the show and will give it a dark and gritty edge.  I say keep watching and see where it goes.  By the end of the season we should make it to the actual date of the flash forward.  I'm willing to watch up until that point just so that I can see what direction they take the show after that.

Modern Family:
This is my favorite new show of the season.  My favorite characters are Manny, the passionate 11 year old Colombiano, and Phil, the cool dad.  I really feel like they could do without the cheesy, heartfelt moment at the end of every episode, but I guess its not so bad.

I thought the Pilot was a bit choppy, but that it really caught its stride about 3/4s of the way through.  I am intrigued and excited for the rest of the season.  I'm a bit surprised that one of the 29 V ships that landed around the many cities around the world did not land in Orem/Provo, UT.  If the Vs were smarter, they would realize what a great business opportunity they would have to sell and market their life saving health supplements in that city. 

This is by far the best night of the week.  There are so many wonderful shows on Thursday nights that there are times that I have 3 shows recording at once.  Thank you DVR.

Parks & Recreation:
This one had a slow start its first season, but I felt it ended strong.  Season two has improved even more.  The cast and characters seemed to have found their stride.  I think I love this show because my job deals a bit with government bureaucracies and I love how this show makes fun of local government.  By far my favorite character is the boss, Ron Swanson, who despises big government and his ex-wife.  My favorite line from this season was when Ron was describing his ex, he said that, "Every time she laughs, an angel dies."

I told myself that even if the first few episodes were crap that I needed to stick with it and give it a real chance.  I really wanted this show to be good.  After 3 episodes I couldn't handle it anymore.  My brother told me to give it another shot and watch one of the more recent episodes.  I did and I still felt the same way.  Its just not funny at all to me.

The Office and 30 Rock:
If you don't think these two shows are funny then I honestly don't know how we can be friends.

This is by far my favorite sci fi show of this year.  I look forward for Fringe more than any other genre show right now.  Though it seemed to lag in episodes 5-7 this season, everything else has been great.  I loved the bible references to the beast and the multiple dimensions that we saw in the season 2 premier.  I hope they expand on that later in the season.  I've also loved the communication between the agents in our dimension to their dimension.  Moving forward, my biggest hope is that they start to lace more episodes together and have less stand alone episodes.  I can't wait to see what happens with Pacey and Pacey's mom.

Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia:
This is my favorite comedy show right now.  Though I feel that this season hasn't been as funny as their previous seasons, I'm still loving it and pleased to see that both their DVD sales and viewership is steadily increasing each week.  The highlights for me this season have been the milk steak, Rowdy Roddy Piper on the Wrestling for the Troops episode, and the D.E.N.N.I.S., system for dating.

I was loving this show by the end of season 1.  I'm not sure what the dealy yo yo is, but season 2 just blows.  I had to force myself to watch the first two episodes and it just seems like its going nowhere but to the chopping block.  I had high hopes for this season, seeing as how Fox gave Joss a bit more creative control.  I really wish they would have ditched this and kept Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles

Stargate SGU:
This is my first foray into a Stargate TV series and I'm pleased so far.  I'm a few episodes behind, but I'm really enjoying this new TV series.

Legend of the Seeker:
Season 1 came out when I was really into the Sword of Truth series.  Because of this, I was really mad that they changed the story so much from the books. I ended up ditching the show after about 8 episodes.  Now that I have had a chance read the entire series and have realized how crappy it is, I'm not so upset.  So far, I have been able to watch season 2 without freaking out that it is so different from the books and its allowed me to enjoy it a bit more.  Don't get me wrong, this show is still crap, but its the kind of crap that's fun to watch.   I watch it on Hulu when my boys wake me up early.

There you have it.  That's all I've got for the Fall season.  I'll have to do a little research and let you all know what you should be watching for the Spring 2010 season.


cblakes said...

Thanks Spence. I'm gonna check out Modern Family.

4655 said...

Thank you for your fall season postview.

Its a great feeling for me when I have seen most of the shows that you have reviewed.

Still don't think I am going to watch 90210 though I would like to see a blended series of Gossip Girl meets Beverly Hills.

I couldn't find your review of the Wife from Everyone Love's Raymond. Doesn't she have a new TV Show?

Ian said...

Cblakes, Spencer clued us into Modern Family as well, and now we are hooked. It is excellent. But I still think Darth Spencer is crazy not to like Community. Katie and I think its hilarious.

4655 said...

They need to have a Community spin off and name it Community: Spanish 210.

The guest professors make the show, the other characters seemed very waxy, but they grow on you. I have not given up on Community. Winger and Senor Chang are worth it.

Spencer Davis said...

I'm glad that I have been able to help out your families by convincing you to watch more TV. I've often said that TV is the most important member of the family and I couldn't be more pleased that you all are spending more time with him.

4655 said...

I am bothered that a review of Glee was not included.

Paige said...

Love Modern Family and Always Sunny. I can proudly say that you are my kin, as is the TV.